I am an experienced French>English technical and general translator. I currently work for a number of international and U.S. agencies, but I am available for other jobs, and interested in expanding my client base.

I offer technical expertise (McGill Ph.D.), on-time performance, accuracy, and excellent native English (Cambridge M.A.) at a fair price.

California-based; experience in U.S., Canadian, and U.K.English.

Retired economic/mining geologist with decades of French-language working history, including translation of documents, in 17 francophone countries and territories, and at United Nations Headquarters.

Broad international experience at the United Nations, and in the mining industry, government, and research.

Earth scientist; knowledge of related fields includes business, finance, economics, physics, chemistry, mathematics, law, technology, and engineering.

Independent translator & proofreader for various international and U.S. agencies since 2000.